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Best Aid is always there to listen to your feelings!

Best Aid's primary orientation is to hear from people facing any disturbance or inexpressible feelings, whether or not they have mental issues. Whenever you need to talk about your emotions like frustration, depression, anger, happiness, or anything you feel, Best Aid will be there for you like your feelings-sharing person. "Best Aid" is a hybrid solution with an artificial intelligence-based mobile application for the patient. That will minimize the HRH issues of mental health, infertility, venereology and dermatology and end-to-end human interaction to support any patient in their impulse situation.

"I was a student of English literature. After my graduation, I had some disturbing thoughts. Unfortunately, I couldn't share them with my friends or family. From Facebook I got to know about the shunbo project and called there on free of cost and by talking with their experienced psychologist I am in a much better place mentaly. Yes, talking helps you psychologically, and I highly recommend "Shunbo"' so that you can share your thoughts. ."

  • Shahriar Emon

Medical Emergency? Our doctor is a fingertip away!

Call our hotline, download our app, or send us a text on any social media platform. We are here to help you. We have specialized doctors in every department who care for you. If you feel any kind of disturbance physically or mentally, we are just one click away.

"Our home is far away from the nearest hospital. One night, my father got sick. He had a mild heart attack. I called the Doctor's Video Consultation service of Best Aid. Their doctor gave us some emergency tips and suggested some medication, which helped my father gain some time, and we took him to the nearest hospital, Alhamdulillah. "He is completely fine. I highly recommend the Doctor's Video Consultation service of Best Aid for everyone who needs an emergency medical consultation and also for general consultation"

  • Sheikh Zinnat Ara


Share your thoughts with our experts free of charge

Doctor's Video Consultation

Take video consultation from national and international international doctors one click away

Corporate Productivity Improvement

Improving your company's productivity with mental health assessment and evaluation, productivity assessment and management, cultural assessment and management, and counseling.i

Institutional Productivity Improvement

Productivity improvement of your institution’s by emotional and mental support helpline support, mental health assessment and evaluation,

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Electronic Health Record

Keep all your healthcare data safe and secure.Access and update your stored wellbeing data anytime anywhere

Health Insurance

We are going to bring easy insurance services for health insurance assurance for everyone. Through which any person can live assured life by taking our insurance service at any time

Royalty & Privilege

We are bringing special royalties and privilege coupons to inspire everyone towards a healthy lifestyle. Through which people will get rewards through various activities and later with those rewards anyone can redeem new services.

Onestop Healthy Lifestyle

We bring you monthly health e-books where everyone can learn everything from contemporary healthcare to health technology to new ways to lead a healthy lifestyle for free.Our goal is to create a beautiful healthy Bangladesh with everyone.

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